Romney gave to his own charity ? LMAO To a foundation he established to avoid paying taxes .

Romney gave to his own charity ? LMAO

To a foundation he established to avoid paying taxes .

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More Fauxbirdbrain bullshit. Asking that as a question? What a jerkoff. In your talking points this AM for your paid posting chickenhawk ass?

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In other words , the teabaggers who will always vote against their self interests and that of the nation will continue to defend the scumbag by the name of Myth Romney . Because what else are they going to do ? accept the fact that they're always wrong and we're always right ? why that would admit that they are what Rush said about them , stupid .

So I just make up shit as I go because its the liberal way.

I doubt you're a liberal . Liberals are more creative , you ? you're just a dirty teabagger .

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