Romney’s Bain Yielded Private Gains, Socialized Losses

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Romney’s Bain Yielded Private Gains, Socialized Losses  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

It is a very sad day in this country when the truth has no Media and when the Main Media will go under the belly of the beast to protect and to re-elect that demon Obama.

Romney left Bain and the date and time is known to run the Olympics.  Romney is not a Felon nor is he anti-American which Obama can not possibly say but will and will be quoted and the only hope and change will come from the American People who are "We the People" and they and we and I will uprise against this government and it will come to pass that in the history of America it will be us against them once again.

Europeans already see the writing on the wall where Obama is concerned wondering how a man who has become an International assasin with 400 drone killings in his gun belt to 53 by Bush and killing hundreds of innocents can still be the recepiant of the Noble Peace Prize.  Not only that but a man who has snubbed his nose at the Constitution with his interference in Libya without the permission of Congress as Bush had for the Iraqi War.  A man who continues to flaunt his power throughout the world slaughtering people he chooses with no reserve and no power.

Obama is just a cold blooded murderer no different that any other dictator and until this country rises up against him voting him out or assassinating him or whatever will never slow down until he has brought distruction to this Nation.

Long live Freedom of Speech and the Republic and may someone out there do the task to bring this bastard to his knees.

Lady Darko

The lines are drawn in the sand, the American people are alive and awake, well most anyway. Kick it and call names, Let the Freedom Ring

You can never know what Romney is going to stand for on any given day.We do know that he was still CEO through 202 and outsourced jobs to Mexico and China. Romney also wants to go back to Bush's failed policies that got us into this mess. Romney will do what ever the Koch brothers and the far right tells him to do.

Leftist liberals have always been hyper-militant compulsive liars always looking for huge piles of easy money.  All leftists victimize people by selling your kids propaganda, but that doesn't mean these leftist parasites are important.

It only means that leftist parasites are soon to be eliminated by due process of law.

Tadpole is faking peoples' screen ID's again. Just consider what is said to prove you are dealing with a leftist fool.

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