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Why can't i find rolaids anymore?

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What gives with no Rolaids anywhere? this is Novemember 2010, the recall was back in January....Wal-Mart is out too, and thats bad!!!!

Got this from the Rolaid site 05/01/2013.  I miss them. 

You may have noticed that ROLAIDS® products are not available at your local retailers. We are changing some of our manufacturing facilities where our products are made, a process that will take time to complete. We apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing you. Your health and comfort are important to us, and we assure you we are working hard to get ROLAIDS® product back on store shelves.

If you have immediate questions, we encourage you to contact Chattem Consumer Affairs via email or by submitting your question via our Contact Us form.

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