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What's the name of the art gallery in Sedona AZ owned by the singer Robert Palmer's ex-wife, Sue Thatcher Palmer?

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Thanks Elden, but do you know which gallery on the page you sent?

When my wife and myself visited Sedona in 2007, we happened upon a very nice gallery featuring paintings from local artists as well as artists from around the country and world. Some very nice statuary was also available, and my wife took home two roosting crow statues. The name of the gallery was Gallery Isis and according to the saleswoman, it was owned by Susan Eileen Thatcher, the former wife of Robert Palmer. The saleswoman, who's name was Ciel, was kind enough to tell us that prior to owning Gallery Isis, Susan Eileen Thatcher had owned two smaller galleries, Gallery Blue and Art du Jour, which she sold. Thatcher's work has also been featured in an array of local galleries in Sedona, Arizona and elsewhere. When my wife and myself once again visited Sedona in 2010, we discovered that Gallery Isis was no longer in business and asked around to see if Thatcher had perhaps opened a new gallery we could visit, but we had no luck. An interesting fact we did find out about Thatcher, she happens to be a neighbor of the actor, Joe Peschi, who has a vacation home in Sedona. I hope this answer has been helpful.

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