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How to rob a armored truck?

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In order to rob an armored truck it take time and preparation.

1) you have to know your target

2) you have to learn his route

3) look in google maps check its location " your target's stop point " then from there check all police stations and calculate how long would it take the back up to arive and - 1 min from the total.

4) make sure you have a radio jamer to cut off the emergency communications from the truck.

5) the truck always equipped with bullet proof all over, 3 guards 1 drive 2 in the back the drivers door is always closed.

6) make sure the team your using is peoples you can trust with your life and all got balls to pull it off and make sure your ready to do what is necessary in order to walk away from it even if it means to shoot your team mates if they stall.

7) make sure your equipped with the proper weapons.

theres 2 way one is to lour the driver out by holding one of the guards hostage or just kill them all other wise your dead and you'll need an explosive to to neutralize the truck in case the driver try's to move dont forget you cant open the drivers door nore shoot it down you can only blow it up.

make sure you have a good get away plan and the right location to do it according to your plan.

8) sory cant say anymore figure it out yourself if your smart and have the guts to do it

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