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Is The IQ Deficient

Is The IQ Deficient:The average IQ is 100.I have a confession to make which will make the majority happy.I retested yesterday and found out to my dismay my IQ is now 10.I assume it ...
  Posted 1 day ago .


Why Does He Lie

Why Does He Lie:If one presents facts,and reference that are true why are they a lie.They are a lie because they are perceived that way by the desire to deceive.The Art Of War Is ...
  Posted 3 hours ago .


What’s Ur Opinion! Journey to afterlife beginning from trial of the grave to the eternity life ? First Stage! Agony 6

As I have already told u No soul will depart the body and life without seeing angel and angels of the death , and the dying man will see his place in the afterlife either ...
  Posted 4 hours ago .


Can anyone help me out of this mess im lost in the mountain

i was riding my motorcycle near waiawa prison road and found myself lost in the mountain but in front of me is a gate that leads to a forrest . how do i find my way back to waiawa ...
  Posted 21 minutes ago .


Isn't there a problem with the supposed penalties as they are be-there-or-not

That is, if religion proclaims a hell penalty be there, then the one to be penalized feels secure that there's not any reprisal for further evils. I don't believe this was supposed ...
  Posted 2 hours ago .