Nuclear is a lot safer way to generate power than the press likes to admit.  There are very few accidents with it because we take such care in how we operate these plants.  They are cleaner overall than any other way to generate power.

There are waste generated at a coal-fired or gas-fired plant: greenhouse gas, and byproducts (ammonia, soot, etc), heat, and steam. 

There are waste products generated at nuclear plants: high-level radioactive waste, low-level radioactive waste, heat, and steam. 

We can always sell steam to public utilities, waste treatment plants, and steel mills.  If you want to know how most of the crud in your discharge water is sterilized, look at the steam they shoot into troughs leading to the settling tanks.  That kicks up the chemicals they use to settle out the biological and particulate matter. 

If they didn't heat it, they'd have to use five times the amount of chemicals that they use.  A third of our waste treatment facilities use our waste steam and the other two thirds should consider it.

What happened to that $15.7 trillion dollars of OUR tax money, Obama?
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