Why are rippys private board members here ?

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Because where else are they going to hear an opposing view , where else are they going hear facts , the truth about their beloved corrupt GOP and their fascists leaders .

Because we like to see what idiots liberals are. We miss making fun of you welfare trash jerkoffs.

Oh STFU ! you're here because your board stinks as much as your unwashed body does .

Does the ScrewUpACE not realize that red states are not known for 'liberals ' , red welfare states are after all the leeches of the nation . Teabaggers , continuing to show their ignorance on a daily basis....sigh !

Rip's "member" is here? And here I thought it was just Vienna sausage day.

Opposing views or insanity?  Have you checked the national debt or heard about the WH dope's pals at the GSA spending tax dollars partying?

Of course you would support those 'tax increases' because gov't need more money to waste.

Deuce the douche!

LMAO!!!  It's amazing how much power Rip and "his posters" have on you people.  To use the term you love so much, you liberal retards are "owned"!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!  Me, I still check in to get my daily laugh at how desperate you people without a board are!  Thanks for the laughs amigos ;)

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