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Rights to property taken by police during death investigation

ANONYMOUS b/c legal issues.

My sister drowned in her bathtub after mixing prescription and an over-the-counter antihistamine. One of the meds in her system was highly toxic when combined with other drugs her doctor prescribed to her, as well as the antihistamine. We had no idea until researching for answers. We want to get the pill containers from the police to help us get answers but her husband's request was denied. At the scene, the police verified the number of remaining pills was accurate, ruling out the possibility of a suicide. What are his rights?

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If you ask to speak to the detective on the case, you can share your information about the drug interaction.  The prescription bottles might be evidence if there are fingerprints, or a substitute drug, but they should be willing to copy the information from the label, and give you a count of the pills. The pharmacy can probably give you the label information, too. 

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