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My boyfriend is 30 and I am 19. We have been together almost a year. We have a fairly good relationship and usually get along very well. I live in WV with him part time and my family in MD the other ...

I have to agree with Grandma. You have to understand, guys get REALLY seriously involved with cars. Women have never understood this obsession. Many of them get jealous of it because we tend to call cars 'she'. But nothing you do will ever change that part of a guy. A car guy will ALWAYS be a car guy. It's part of the soul. Not all guys are car guys but many are. And when you're working on that car, you aren't thinking about anything else and you don't WANT to think of anything else. You get in a zone and get zoned out. One of the greatest pleasures in a car guy's life. Anything that pulls you out of that zone is extremely irritating. You need to make some adjustments and try to understand this factor about guys and not get in the way of it. Because I promise you, nothing can destroy a marriage with a car guy faster than a woman who gets in the way of his passion, or even worse, makes fun of it. Or forces him to make a choice. Believe me, a car guy, pushed into a corner, will NOT make the choice you want him to.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.
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I'm sorry but your "answer" is ridiculous. Maybe that is the way YOU are but my boyfriend is not that much of a douche bag. This project is just important to him because he is doing it for his first ever car show. He is usually not like this and this is the only time he has really gotten obsessed with a project. And if a guy allows a car to get in the way of a marriage then I think you have many more problems. The only thing your answer did was make me laugh.


I didn't say your boyfriend was a bad guy. He probably isn't. But he IS a car guy, and you obviously don't grasp that concept. Women don't generally.


No worries, I "grasped" your concept fine. I'm not a total idiot. You however seem like a huge sexist ! "Women don't generally." Wow. Here's something men don't "grasp", there are alot more important things in the world than a hunk of metal. I'm a woman and I also love cars believe me or not but I would never get so "attached" to a car I would let it effect my relationship. Kind of like an alcoholic or a druggie. Think about it.


Actually, if you ask most people here they'll tell you I'm far from sexist. I love women. Am considered considerate, gentle, wise, and all that jazz. And I am. But just the fact that you describe a car as a hunk of metal proves my point. And lots and lots of men do consider that car the most important thing in the world. There are differences between men and women, and that's one of them. As far as me personally, I haven't had a car for 15 years. But I used to build custom vans, so I know that zone real well. You can get angry at me all you want, but that isn't going to change reality.

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