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Right-Wing Extremists

What are your thoughts on a potential rising threat from right-wing extremists?

Right-Wing ExtremistsLefteris Pitarakis, AP

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I am not sory at all. As I stated in previous posts, I tuned into MSNBC after Fox that night and they are nothing but idiots there.

I know that countless Americans tuned in too, and they can now see what the far left liberal loons are really like. Watching Rachael Madcow and Keith Overthetopman feels like being in a third world country that only gets propaganda from the ministry of Bulls..t. No wonder their ratings are down the tubes. They don't belong on the airways with that garbage and I am sure they won't be much longer. One can only hope anyway.

If it's funny, laugh. If it isn't funny, laugh anyway!

Then I must be as ignorant  about the origin of teabagging as you are about Facism

Be content with the fact that Fox cable draws a larger viewing audience than CNN, MSNBC and Headline News COMBINED

Makes it look like Fox viewers are the mainstream and the others fringe, ;-D



I guess I owe Maddow an apology....there is no way she "teabags"...now Anderson Cooper...YUP!

Ponzi you're wrong too. APOLOGIZE! Google "teabagging."

Amazing the frenzy generated by the uber-reactionary conservatives so they can find another way to denounce this nation's elected president. Prio to DubYah's election, I openly stated my opposition based upon personal experience with and observation of his incompetence in Texas. After he stole the 2000 election with Brother Jeb's election day frauds in Florida, I accepted that fact and said nothing for three years. DubYah and his Draft Dodging buddies guided this nation into disaster. Poppa Bush had left us with massive farm foreclosures, a $10-Trillion national debt, and a runaway federal budget created under the Reagan/Bush administration. Clinton/Gore chopped much of the GOP's fat to balance the federal budget and pay down the national debt. Bush/Cheney and their super-patriot draft dodging in-crowd ignored Katrina disaster victims, granted massively bloated no-bid sweetheart contracts to Cheney's old buddies at Halliburton/KBR. They launched their private war and issued more billions of inflated no-bid contracts to Halliburton/KBR. They left office with the nation's economy and military ranks in a shambles. Rather than closing out the Taliban and Al Qaeda where they were, DubYah and "Shotgun" Cneney allowed our real enemies to gain strength and return to kill. Now we must rebuild the economy quickly, to generate enough economic strength so this country can pay off the more than $20-Trillion debt [principle and interest]left by DubYah and Ol' Shotgun Dickie. Every year the Gross National Product is reduced by 20%, adds at least two years to the payoff period for that enormous GOP debt. Add the city, county and state revenue losses -- and the enormous shortfall in school, highway, bridges, mass transit, hospitals and medical services created by the draft dodgers -- and the GOP legacy soars into the realm of several tens of trillion dollars. Why don't you uber-obstructionists SHUT TOO HELL UP and volunteer to help at homeless shelters filled with foreclosed families. We will be in full recovery by 2012's election and you can work to elect another incompetent in the mold of DubYah.

To me right wing extremist are the skin heads in this country who feel they are superior to everyone else, supporters of assault weapons and haters of minorities. GW was criticized for ineptitude, dishonesty and the inability to govern within the constitution and running up the deficit and ignoring the American people and economy to line the pockets of his supporters. I am sick of hearing how taxes are so high ....they went up for most Americans under GW! The current President was elected BY THE MAJORITY therefore representing the entire country. The Republican party needs to get a grip. We are tired of supporting the rich and disinfrancising the needy and keeping the undereducated, undereducated! We want better education available to all American children, affordable and fairer healthcare for all of American and an economy that works for everybody. This is the first time in years that we have fairly elected a President that can not only tackle the hard questions his background is more in line with the majority of Americans. Not born with a silver spoon in his month or a bought acceptance to a prestigious university. Stop just stop listening to the propaganda strew by those that used to be in power and were elected out. Its is time for a New America and until the GOP can find someone in their ranks that can reflect what the country has moved on to maybe you should all go bunker up with your guns and selfrighteous ideals and whine among yourselves.

Frankly I don't care what religion people practice, including you, and don't know why you are so concerned what my assumptions about you are considering we will never meet.  Your writing speaks for itself and resonates just how it does, which is conservative in a bad way.  Maybe you give off impressions unwittingly.

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


Considering how little you know about Fascism makes you ignorant on both subjects.

Benito Mussolini was a CONSERVATIVE & Militarist. As was Hitler.

The big difference between Marx's "Das Kapital," & Hitler's "Mein Kampf" is in the message.

Marx encouraged revolt against the conservative royalist ruling classes of Europe.

Hitler USED conservatism to target religious minorities, liberals, intellectuals. Hitler's version of "No Child Left Behind," was to exclude anyone considered "not German enough" to receive "education" (ie: indoctrination) on "Traditional German Values."

Marx counted on a popular revolution from the masses. Lenin borrowed the message & used the Russian People to revolt against the Czar.

Hitler used his army of stormtroopers to spread hate, intimidate & stifle dissent AMONG THE PEOPLE - keep the "liberals" from voting & seize power - which he did & destroyed the German Constitutional Government. They were brownshirts like those idolised by the American Nazi Party who wail "White Power" & "Seig Heil". (ie: right-wing EXTREMISTS)

(Please note emphasis in parenthesis) Oh, by the way, Hitler hated black people, too.

While both movements were similar in nature, Lenin's "socialism" came from Russia's LEFT Wing; Hitler's "socialism" was from Germany's RIGHT WING.

BIG difference, KY.

You'd know this if you'd do your own research (as opposed to relying on the false facts of the Becks, Hannities & Limbaughs who think you are too stupid to know any better & look it up for yourself).   

Please resolve to start learning today, to avoid embarrassing yourself tomorrow.

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