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How to get rid of rotten meat odor in freezer?

I came home to a freezer that had quit working and everything inside had thawed it stank so bad. 2 weeks later and lots of cleaning using bleach, baking soda, fresh coffee grounds, 409, and a cleaner called "what odor" and still it stinks bad. I keep thinking an orange cleaner may work. ANY OTHER IDEAS --PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS IT IS A FRIDGE IN A 5TH WHEEL AND COSTS A FORTUNE TO REPLACE. WE LIVE IN IT FULL TIME AND WE JUST GOT IT 3 MONTHS AGO.

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Are you sure some of that rotten juice didn't find its way into some of the lower areas of the fridge? Like the drip pan or in the casing around the compressor? There has to be some unknown area still holding that foul stench. If not, try a couple bowls of white vinegar inside the fridge on the shelves. I've heard that it will absorb odors in the air but only residual odors. You have to be certain there are no areas overlooked.

Activated charcoal is also supposed to work well.

Or, you could try one of the natural remedies meant to be used on pets who have encountered a skunk - if it can remove skunk stink, it darn well ought to be able to remove old food stench!

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Shut it off, remove all contents, clean thoroughly with mild detergent, and you may try to put in sodium bicarbonate and charcoal as deodorizer...

Good luck, YayayHK

Frown  Wear nose-guards.The smell is not as overwhelming as is the sentimental attachment. You are gonna have to spend some money irregardless. Get a chemist to diagnose the source of the obnoxia-olfactorio. Get to the common food spices section of your favorite supermarket.Purchase 3 spices that you enjoy the fragrance of. Rent or borrow a freezer  compartment for 5 days. Empty all of those 3 containers into,hand rub,all about the insideAfter 5th day wipe inside out with dry clean cloths or paper towels.Hire  one whom can  construct an aluminum or stainless steel or both inner coat  for your 'attachment'.Invite me and 3 guests of mine over for Bar-B-Q  5 weeks thereafter!

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I had the same problem after cleaning out my freezer. TERRIBLE FISH ODOR! We tried the newspaper, coffee grinds, vanilla, bleach and baking soda. Nothing worked. I was ready to bring this 2 year old freezer to the dump just to get the smell out of my basement when i decided to give it one last try. I sprayed about 1/2 bottle of lysol mold and mildew spay all over the racks and coils, especially the tubes running down the back side. Then i got a kitchen bursh and scrubbed all the racks and coils and rinsed about three times with plain hot water. I even sprayed some down the drain tube and rinsed that. Well the smell is GONE!!! There must be something in that cleaner that neutralizes that fish smell. Good luck!!

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