Cant get rid of this redirect.

After logging into my ebay account I continue to get redirected to a page asking for my personal information. I have tried running multiple spyware/malware/virus scans on this computer but havent found anything to remove it yet. Here is a copy of the link I am getting redirected to.

I am pretty much unable to get into ebay now on this computer and have to use my laptop.

Thanks in advance!



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Based on the information you have provided, The problem can not be solved via. using spyware or malware software. First, you need to go to your security/firewall program which can be accessed by; Start/Control Panel/Internet Options/Security/Restricted Sites then click on the button "sites", type in the site link name and click Add, Then click close. Secondly, On your laptop, access E-bay/ Log in to your account/ Click Support [ If they have support/chat service, you can get instant access to tech. service to report the site your being directed to ] At times E-bays sites are compromised with Identity thief software and the only way to approach this is to notify E-Bay and they will assist you further in eliminating that directed link. I hope this helps

Truth will set you free

I had the same problem and was at the point of pulling my hair out.  I used Spyware Doctor and updated Internet Explorer (IE)...none of this help.  The solution was to download Mozilla Firefox as my brower.  This fixed it.  Firefox does not have the spyware active x problems that IE has.   This experience with IE's spyware vulnerabilities made a Firefox believer in me.  I will never use IE again!

Laughing First, open your ie browser, click tools, located at the upper right near top of page, scroll down and click on internet options, find the tab saying security, click on the symbol restricted site, then click the button " site ", you will see a fill in window. Type the web  / link address in this space exactly as you are reading it then click the button "add" close out that window and click ok, close ie window and re-open and type in your ebay web address, you should not see this re-direct again. Find the customer support number to ebay and report that site and they will trace that sites ip address and shut it down.

Truth will set you free

See the answer posted near the bottom of the page at this link with regard to using Dr.WEB CureIt:
I downloaded the CureIt software from the link provided in that posting and did the scan in Safe Mode as described, which found one problem and said it was eradicated, but I still had the eBay redirect problem.  I then ran the "Express" scan in normal Windows XP (not in safe mode), and it found the same problem but twice that time.  It asked to restart to fix the problem, which I said "Yes" to, and the problem is now fixed.  I subsequently ran the full scan, which did not find any remaining problems.


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