How to get rid of Mosquitoes inside the house

How do I get rid of "mosquitoes" living in my house ???

I believe they are livng in the "toilets" in the "holes" under the rim of the 'bowl'. Cleaning the bowl does not stop them.

Is there anything I can put in the Tank where the 'water' is held until the toilet is flushed and that water then fills the 'bowl??

In that case the water from the Tank,containing the  substance, would pass through the holes under the rim of the bowl to kill the mosquitoes as the bowl filled with water. 

These mosquitoes are a royal PAIN and have now decided to 'explore' all of the rooms in the house.(I think they are just exploring these other rooms and do not actually live in these rooms)They can be found in just about every room of my house.  I beleive I had heard at one time that "these" mosquitoes(the kind living in the house)are the ones who carry West Nile Virus.


I do recall hearing also that "mouthwash" could be poured into the Tank and then flush. I do NOT recall the exact details of this and when I went to the store to get "mouthwash" inorder to attempt this 'hint' I got all confused because every brand has different ingredients...and ..I did not know which would work and which would not...and or... "how" much to put or "how" long,if at all to allow it to sit ...another thing the place I had read this said only ONE color of "mouthwash" would get rid of them which must have something to do with the ingredients.  

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and I will try just about anything that is 'legal'.

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Here's a post that may answer your question. It mentions a specific mouth wash that's easy to find in most stores.

It doesn't mention putting it in the tank though. Still, if I were desperate I would give it a go.

In case the link doesn't work the name of the site is and the thread is "Best Way To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes!!"

Let us know how it works for you. 


Citronella plants also called mosquito plants. Yellow light on porch. Spray listerine, not on wood. Lemon slices. rosemary, rosemary bushes. lavender oil marigold flowers, catnip, lemon grass, eucalystus, chrysanthemum, avon skin so soft. Hanging bunches of dried tomato leaves in all rooms. Bounce fabric sheets. American basil.

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I, too, have "mosquitos" in my "house" recently. I came across this "website" in search of 'an' answer, but as yet I have not "confirmed" if any 'work.' There is however a Snopes "article" that says most of these folk 'remedies' are not helpful. "Instead," they recommend sprays 'with' DEET as "an" additive. I "think" you are right in that the best "solution" will be to flush them 'out of' their nest. Best "of" 'luck.'

Well, i also tried lots of options for controlling mosquitoes at my home, Then someone suggest me to use outdoor misting sytems with Pyrethrin.  Pyrethrin is the active ingredient most commonly used in outdoor misting systems.

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