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get rid of "stay kncted" program

I am not recommending the use of this program app, I am merely offering an option to take it off of your PC if it is on it and you want to get rid of it.

knctr>Stay Kncted is not an infection.

Excerpts from knctr website ad: KNCTR is a FREE entertainment and communication desktop app that can be downloaded from the website knctr.com
As soon as your computer is turned on, KNCTR is ready to connect you to a world of video, updates, and FREE local & long distance calling!

If somehow it got onto your desktop and you don't want it, I have used this method to get rid of it.

In control panel, uninstall program in "programs and features" (for Windows 7 and Vista), or "add or remove programs" in XP.
If message appears saying (to the effect) cannot uninstall while program is running, in Windows 7 or Vista, go to Start>type "msconfig">in msconfig click startup tab>uncheck stay kncted>click Apply then OK and restart PC. After restart go back to "programs and features" ("add or remove programs" in XP) in control panel and uninstall program, "stay kncted" then restart PC.
In XP, go to Start>Run>type msconfig>click go and follow steps for Windows 7 and Vista from here .
"Stay Kncted" should now be gone.

Live in the free world. Make your own choices!

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