Get rid of mosquitoes?

How can I get rid of mosquitoes in the summer without using anything with chemicals like Raid?

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1.  I found out that operating a ventilator causes the
     mosquitoes (and other insects) to fly away. 
2.  I read (did not try it) that slices of cucambers are
     effective against it too.   Worth to try. 

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Try Citronella candles although nothing is for sure!


Jurassic Park taught us that mosquitoes have been around for 100 million years. In that time they have diversified into 3,000 species that are very different from one another. Instincts pre-program their life's behavior, and these programs are constantly refined by evolution. They have successfully adapted to climates from the arctic to the equator and developed means of locating indigenous bloodhosts in each locale: some mosquitoes prefer frogs, others mammals, still others birds. No product, including mosquito traps, foggers, pesticides, Citronella candle, smoking coils or DEET, works equally well on every species of mosquito.

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Put a giant screen around your yard.

Besides citronella candles, which I don't think work very well anyway. 

Supposedly mosquitos don't like the scent of Marigolds and stay away from that flower.  Not sure if this really works but I always plant several planters of marigolds around my patio.  They're easy to take care of and grow very easily

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