Is Richard Dawkins Sure God Does Not Exist?

He is regarded as the most famous atheist in the world but ... Professor Richard Dawkins admitted he could not be sure that God does not exist.

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He seems to be. But, how sure does he need to be?

Dose one need absolute proof to not believe in ancient myths and superstitions?

Are you sure Zeus doesn't really exist?

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

Hey Gramma! Long time no see!

I think what Richard Dawkins is trying to get across is that no one can be absolutely 100% sure either way with irrefutable evidence to support their position when it comes to whether God exists or not. He said himself, when described as the most famous atheist in the world, he said "not by me". He considers himself an agnostic. 

An atheist doesn't need to know there is no god, only lack belief in one.


Christopher Hitchens, the recently deceased and  the most famous lefty turn righty atheist at least made it half way there. Ha ha !!  <>


So when is that idiot magic fairy jesus coming back?

Al it takes to not believe in the Biblical god is a small amount of thought.

Of course it impossible to prove that something does not exist.  You need to brush up on your logic.

Yep, and all gods have the exactly the same amount of evidence for their existence, ie. none. You can dream up any god, fairy, whatever you like and nobody can disprove it, that's how religion works.

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