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How can i find a rich man who can send me money

which dating site can u find rich people if u have some send it to me at jatowise@yahoo.com and if u are a rich man u can add me. or if u have the site u can also mail me with it but if u are a rich man add me


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Rich people are usually that way because they are careful with their money and don't just send it to any loser that asks.  Just my opinion!

Sometimes we put up walls not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.

What that is a very shallow question you can find great singles on free dating services rich and poor.

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    Why would a rich man send you money?  I recommend for you to go to work and not expect men to send you money.  Are you just plain lazy, a golddigger or someone who has low values?



Be honest and be true to yourself.

you will not find rich people like this. I will suggest you to work harder instead of begging.

I can tell you to turn $0 to $1000. You just need to work consistently and regularly. The way is from affiliate marketing. You dont have to invest a penny to make money.

I tell you the procedure.

1. Create a blog from any free blog host like blogspot or wordpress. Blogspot is the best.
2. Do basic SEO, that is popularize your blog through posting your blog in various social networking site, bookmarking site, forums etc.
3. When some traffic is started generating then join an affiliate program like what i have joined is referforex.com. Sign up is free. Only condition is that you have to have a site of blog of your own.
4. Promote your affiliate links there. If anyone sign up through your links, will make you earn commission.
5. Earning would depend on the traffic to your site. Therefore regular work on SEO and make your blog popular as much as you can.

Also dont forget to update your blogs regularly. Rest things would follow.

Hope you got a good way to earn money online. So All the best!!!

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u know finding sugar daddy not bcos im golddigger but just bcos i nid help for my own nids...so u must nid to understand hus people like me ...ok ..


   Sugar daddies normally want someone who knows how to spell.Innocent

Be honest and be true to yourself.

Well for your information, STUPID ASS there are two different web sites one of them is surgardaddy.com & the other is sugardaddie.com!!! So before you make an ASS out of yourself again you may want to check yourself LMAO...HAHAHAHA

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