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can magicjack phone plug devices be reused by another purchaser

I had a question of used magicjack devices and for what I can see on different websights as ebay, that the devices can be reused over again. The problem with the magicjack is that there are many states that can sign in such as florida, but I cannot get a phone number listing that is local for people to call me back. I can get a number that is listed in a town approximately 200 miles away, so no one local can call me back. You can use a regular number you currently have to import this to the magicjack when they get it upgraded enough to do that, leaving you with your local land line phone still being paid for. The local phone has to be active to get that number imported to the magicjack. I have been using one that I ordered and some times I hear an echo and sometimes it is too broken up to hear someone talk. I read that a lot of people have very good reviews. I rate this at 65% because I have had quite a few issues and had to use my cell phone that I am always going over on minuites. I think this mj will be nice after the bugs are worked out, thanks!

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Johne el Lineah Dey

how do I reuse a magic jack?

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