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Can I reuse an ANTIQUE OAK WOODEN BARREL for making wine

Hello can I reuse an ANTIQUE OAK WOODEN BARREL for making wine, It has been unused for years and leaks when I put water into it. How can I cure it so it will not leak thanks Dewey

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I wouldn't make wine out of food extract or use it in fermatation process. I am talking about added it to flavor aging wine. Please don't answer if you do not know anything about wine making.

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The wine bottles them selves impart no taste to the wines. The glass they are made from is neutral to the acids in the wines. A good vintner would not want anything to flavor the wine in an un desired manner.

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Before you get started, you might want to get a book or two on making wine. Try http://www.wine-in-a-glass.com/wine_making_books.html.

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