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If Jesus were to come back to earth, which country would he be in? Makes sense for him to turn up in one of the Atheist countries like Russia or China..... Maybe he did and we just never got to ...

Jimtheatheist/Gary -- it's your right not to believe just as it's my right to believe.  It might be nosense to you, but to me it's not.  I believe The Big Bang Theory and evalution is nonsense, but do I call you "ignorant"?

"Taken from the movie "Titanic" "A woman dies with many secrets in her heart"
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Stanley Pembroke Thinks this answer is Helpful:

It is NOT the right of atheists to run Gulags to force atheism on us all as a state required cult of violent hate.  Atheism has always been a cult of ignorant barbarians.  It cannot possibly improve now that all atheists have hit the absolute bottom of humorless depravity and violence.


They knew that atheism is utterly reprobate and all its rabid fanatics are damned as child molesters, but since that is the only thing all atheists want in life then that is what they suffer for in hell also.

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Rocmike why do all of your aliases go to old questions and answers no one has been on in a long time? AP-Ladydarko does the same thing. Could it be you are the same poster?

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