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If I take retirement at the age of 62 and want to ...

If I take retirement at the age of 62 and want to go back to work at the age of 64 and retire again at the age of 66 will my benifits increase from what I collected at 62 and will I have to pay back SSI for the 2 years I collected ?

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First, the payback issue.  You do NOT have to pay back the money you received.  However, if you do, then you can retire at a later date and draw full pension, which should be significantly higher.

If you retire at 62, you will receive a lower (early retirement) monthly pension, which will remain basically the same for life and will NOT be increased because of any additional contributions you may make.  (unless you repay, as noted above)

I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

Once you resign from your job and join again you wont get much retirement benefits. And yes you have to join any private firm for work, 

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