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How do I get a restraining order?

How to get a restraining order in Polk County Fl?

I have a brother I removed from residing on my property. Now he is threatening me and saying terrible things about my children. He is a policeman and carries multiple weapons, knows how to access my home and property.....I am living in fear........

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You need to contact a lawyer immediately to get an ex parte restraining order against him.  He won't need to be present in court for this, but you will both be invited to a later court hearing (within a month or so) where you argue that it should become a permanent one.  Regarding his access to firearms, don't worry on this count, see this: The Effects Of Fighting A Restraining Order On Gun Ownership - basically very few exceptions are made for people's job when it comes to restraining order and gun control, even in states where exceptions HAVE been made in the past - that's precisely what's so devastating when the allegations are phony (such as in my own divorce case, but that's slightly off topic). Be well, and I hope that helps you.

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