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How to find out if someone has a restraining order in franklin county ohio

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The easiest way to tell would be to ask the instigator of the restraining order, or the named person on the order itself.  Alternatively, you could ask friends or relatives, because when the papers are served after the ex parte judgement (the initial hearing which grants a temporary restraining order for a few weeks until both parties attend a full hearing), the servers generally don't care who's in the room or overhears the discussion.. they're just there to serve the papers to you.  Failing those options, you could always do a criminal background check (for example, if you're thinking of employing someone), because it WILL be flagged on that person's record with various agencies (see: Am I considered a criminal whilst fighting a restraining order? as a reference point).  Just remember, various agencies are famously slow at updating their records for restraining orders, so if conflicting reports come back you might need to look into it further, as an agency might have an old (temporary, unproved!) order against his or her name.  So be careful with what information you find out, basically - it's not 100% accurate in too many cases.

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