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What are responsibilities of Ross Swope, Chief US Supreme Court Police?

What are responsibilities of  Ross Swope, Chief US Supreme Court Police?

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I think it is very interesting to see how the US Supreme Court police evolved into one of the most respected federal force protection agencies in Washington. I feel that under the current leadership of Chief Ross E Swope they will continue to be a well-trained and educated police force focused on protecting the US Supreme Court building, Chief Justice John Roberts, Associate Justices, employees and visitors.


I have followed Ross Swope’s career since I was a Criminal Justice student at the University of Baltimore. His accomplishments, in my opinion, are impressive to say the least. From being the 4th in command at the Washington DC Police Department, organizing a joint FBI and Metro Police Warrant squad (now used as a model by the FBI), to studying at Cambridge University under a UK Fellowship in Police Studies. Not to mention his academic accomplishments while studying at Johns Hopkins University.


Honestly, I would be honored to be a US Supreme Court Police Officer serving under his leadership.


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