Can you respond to these counterarguments against requiring ALL adults to report suspected/witnessed child abuse?

Can you respond to these counterarguments that require ALL adults to report suspected/witnessed child abuse?


1. Requiring all adults is impossible to enforce
2. It would lead to false reports and tear families apart
3. If the law were perfectly followed the police and courts would be pushed beyond their limits because too many abusers exist.
4. Requiring all adults to report abuse is an enforcement of reality/violation of freedom of choice, and the government shouldn't enforce moral platforms or violate people's autonomy.

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All of your feeble arguments could be said about most every law. In your view all laws would apply only if the law was broken in view of a law enforcement officer. What kind of a society would we create if nobody ever spoke up. I wonder if maybe you have something to report but are looking for a way out.

Sure I'll give up my guns. But you'll have to pry them from my cold dead fimgers. "A government that fears arms in the hands of people should also fear rope." By Nathan Bedford Forrest "Gun control laws increase the power of government and the criminal element over the average citizen and serve no other purpose." By Robert E. Lee

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This seems to be bothering you. I would anonymously call Child Protective Services.