Resetting and programing a uniden bearcat BC178XLT 100 channels 11 bands

Tryin to reset and programe a scanner uniden bearcat model BC178XLT 100 channels 11 bands twin turbo also would like to locate a manual for this unit. Thank you for any help you maybe able to give.

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Hey, as far as programming it I don't have much info. I just dug mine out of a box and hooked everything up the other day.  To get it to scan hit the SERVICE button and it will start scanning, when it hits on something you can either hit HOLD to monitor that freq. Or, if its something you don't want to keep stopping on, hit LOCKOUT and it will skip those ones. Wait a minuite! While typing this in I've been messing with it and just figured how to program frequencies into each bank. Hit MANUAL it will show which bank your at on top then use the HOLD and LIMIT buttons to move up or down in whatever bank you're in. To enter a freq. go to band 1 for example, If there's nothing already on that channel, it will be all zeros.  Then enter a freq. using the numbers don't forget the dec. point in the middle, and hit the E button. I have the manual somewhere but I don't know where its at, if you get this answer drop me a line at and when I find the manual I'll let you know. Hope this helps you out.

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