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Frequently asked question: Why can't I reset my password? I try to reset the password using this URL: https://yedda.com/signin/forgot/ but when I try to sign in again it doesn't work. ...

Why am i signed in only on some pages

Delilah cut Sampson's hair and forced him into servitude and demise, powerful is woman, strong and vigilant, she brought her men off battlefields to carry them on her back to safety or to burial
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IamQweenBee Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

maybe because you are not welcomed on some pages, Dupa yash...my 5th cousin 3 times removed married a half polish man.

~Sweet Gypsey~


    I didn't know you were Polish, as for me my Father was Austrian, my birth Mother was Romanian or actually Romani, most use the {y}, but she had died when I was younger, and was brought up by others in family, none of which were of Polish heritage, sorry you are way off on that. My Step-Mom is Irish and German if that helps..Oh and a "True Southern Belle"...

    Oh, that was me not putting my pass in right...LOL

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