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Can I file for unemployment if I'm a full-time student?

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No, I'm pretty sure you cannot.  At least in California.  You'd really have to check the website of your particular state, or find the local office.  But the people in there are usually SO busy they just let you figure it out on your own.  I'd suggest reading the information online.

I am pretty sure that you cannot.  In most states, you have to be fired or laid off to obtain this.  If you are a full time student and are receiving student loan you can request additional funds for living expenses in most cases.  However, you would have to check with your financial aid department for more information.

I live in California.  I was laid off December 29th from a full-time job.  Since 2000 I have experienced 7 layoffs or company closures.  I have an opportunity to switch careers, if I attend college full-time.  Since I'm already collecting unemployment, will my unemployment benefits stop once I start school?...even if I'm still seeking employment?  If I don't check the "school" box, and continue to look for work...will EDD still find out that I'm attending school.  This answer will effect whether I can start or not.  I can't afford to lose my unemployment.  I am ultimately looking for work in the evenings or graveyard...even if full-time, so I can make this educational move. 

Frasersedge, I'm in the almost identical situation. Did you find out the answers to those questions? Please let me know if you did. Thanks! - JC jcjinsf@gmail.com

Guys I was in a similiar situation. I am still out of work and went back to school full time. Once I received my claim form right when I started school I said "yes" to the "week" in which I started school.  I was interviewed further regarding my school, classes, and if I was actively looking for work still all the respones were offcourse I want to work!! I was also advised that once I started school and I noted the week I started school on the claim form I do not repeat that until I quit and restart in another week on the claim form.

I hope this helps!

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