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How do I find a reputable mail order pharmacy? I have noticed that several pharmacies no longer have websites. I am refering to Canadian mail order pharmacies.

The State of Minnesota evaluated Canadian pharmacies and lists 4 which they recommend:

Canada US Pharmacy www.canadauspharmacy.com

CanadaDrugs.com http://www.canadadrugs.com/

Granville Pharmacy http://www.onlinecanadianpharmacy.com/

Total Care Pharmacy http://www.crossborderpharmacy.com/Total-Care-Pharmacy/totalcarepharmacy.html

Minnesota offered the following reasons for selecting these 4 companies:

"This website is designed to help Minnesotans obtain their prescription medicines at affordable prices and to provide information to Minnesotans about importing prescription medicines through Canadian pharmacies. The Canadian pharmacies featured in this site are licensed by a Canadian province and governed by the laws and regulation of Canada. In December 2003 and in April 2004, state officials visited the Canadian pharmacies listed on this site and reviewed the pharmacy's facilities, the protocols used for filling prescriptions and the Canadian regulations governing Canadian pharmacies. Follow-up inspections were conducted in July and October 2004. Many of the regulations governing the Canadian pharmacies are similar to regulations applicable to pharmacies licensed by the state of Minnesota.

In selecting the Canadian pharmacies for the website, the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) developed a Request for Responses (RFR) that set forth basic requirements for participation on this website. For example, participating pharmacies had to be located in Canada, be licensed in accordance with Canadian laws, be willing to guarantee affordable prices, and be willing to allow Minnesota officials to visit their facilities and review their safety protocols. "

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