If Repubs are such a 'law & order' party, why are so many Repub governors defying Obamacare law? They pick & choose?

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Because their not Zombies and actually can think for themselves?

Liberals, If you piled them all, on top of one another, they couldn't reach a decision!

Republicans do what the Koch brothers tell them to do.

LMAO An Obama Zombie talking about Republicans. Hahahahahahahahahahah

Because part of it was unconstitutional.

Do you mean the right wing Fox opinion news is against the health care law. Shocking. The middle class is the ones having trouble paying for health care because they make a little too much money to qualify for free government health care that you low income far right extremist receive.

It's treason if you ask me and I'd rather see my own governor tarred and feathered, but this is what the law says:  'According to the law, if a state does not accept either of these policies,(vamped up Medicaid program or state insurance)  the federal government has the ability to enact its own one-size-fits-all health care approach to the states.'  Which will mean that ALL of us will have the same coverage.  Sounds good to me; I was worried there for a sec...

As we are all painfully aware, Obamacare does not provide you medical care in any way: it is a punitive excise tax on your health care premiums that comes in the form of a lien on your home and a wage assignment, in addition to the requirement that you maintain your own health insurance. 

If you lose your job due to Obama's malicious and purposeful closure of your employer (over 2,000 major plants in America permanently closed since Obama was elected) you lose your company paid medical also, and then your home, because Obamacare will place that lien and foreclose within 90 days.

Obamacare does not entitle you to coverage if you have diabetes, AIDS, hepatitis, etc.  It merely penalizes you severely because you have such a disease and now you get only the least capable of welfare care -- reduced from what DSHS delivered before. 

You will get platitudes instead of quality care, you will find that medical care is very strictly rationed, and you will find that Obamacare is un-constitutional.

Obamacare uses death as a cost-cutting measure.  So did Hitler's Action T4.  Obamacare is the direct (and verbose) re-enactment.  Under Obamacare you have lost the right to stay alive, and so have your unborn children.  If it seems a bit like a throwback to Herod Antipas ordering the massacre of children under two, then you are on the right track -- because that is what it means.

That is why 27 state legislatures have studied it thoroughly, and rejected it, because it isw a horrifying bad deal for you, and is technically enough to justify secession from the United States.

If you are disabled, unemployed, under-employed, retired on Social Security, etc. you will find that Obamacare severely rations care.  Such is the "mentality" of Obama's ruthless barbarian followers.

That, dear friends, is the one and only reason our one and only leftist supports the re-enactment of Hitler's Action T4 as Obamacare.



Who could imply that Obama has been loyal to America? Those on the unemployment line will tell you why their hopes have been shattered by uncaring Democrats. Remember that this November.

It's all political, rare is the consistent principled politician.

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OMG They're canceling the show?!?!!? I had no idea! This totally sux! Did they say why it's being canceled?


I think, you can not solve our problem without law service. Law service is very important for anyone.