Does anyone doubt that this term's Republicans have done anything that would cause the ordinary US citizen to listen to their ideas with anything other than horrified fascination?  The entire party is like a train wreck that you can't help watching, nothing more.  I question the mentality of those who elected these cretins in the first place.  Look to yourselves America.

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Why does dfrogpong the racist bigot always praise sheer pollitical sellout corruption like the traitor Obama, selling us out to big money special interests like Prince Feisel and George Soros?


Democrats always sell out to big money but that is the only way these criminals get support from other criminals.  Democrats lie because they have been trained to lie.  That is all they are any good for at all.


All Democrats ever do is sell their souls to evil and racist hate.  That is why these corrupt old Democrat bigots get drunk and burn crosses every Saturday night. 

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