Republicans Spent a Ton of Money and Got Nothing....Democrats Took the State Senate...

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The Dems had both the Senate and Congress and all they did was push Obamacare down the throats of the American people and now they themselves are choking on it.

The Republicans won the Congress and the Senate stales everything that comes out of there because it makes good sense so Reid won't let it pass.  Due to the stubborness of this Senate and the Progressives along with their president the entire nation has suffered and continue to suffer and are learning the truth about who is holding-up this country.  Therefore there is a great possibility that the Senate and the Presidency along with the Congress will be Republican.

Ole Bill slippery zipper is not doing Obama any favors and in fact nor are many other good Dems who see their party being trashed and the possibility that they will not be in charge again for a helluva long long time due to this misfit, mischevious, devious bunch led by the top primate in office as I type.

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You will find that the House and Senate both have Republican majority now, since WE, THE PEOPLE, removed all the tombstone votes the Democrats use to cheat their way into office. WE, THE PEOPLE, are dissatisfied with them, their unfair tactics, their poor leadership, and their intense bias.

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Philo M. is one of gay Rocmike's aliases.

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