Me thinks it tis the Dems who are brazen hussies and shameless when it comes to wanting everyone in this country to vote and actually showing anger and oxymoranic excuses why no ID should be shown to take part in the most important activity we have in this country since it sets the stage for our futures.

How many times you have to show your ID?  Count um if you can go past 10.

By the by why would you not have to prove who you are to vote?  That is insane and lacks logic and common sense to boot and speaking of boots that is what you all need to your backsides so you can get your thinking straight since that obviously is where your brains are.

Good Grief.

Lady Darko

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Republicans have always cheated. We would not be in this mess if Brother Jeb was not governor of Florida and stole the 2000 election for George.

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Lady Darko, Democrats have always been compulsive liars, are utterly disloyal, and that is why Democrats hate America enough to act out their hate with such deadbeats as Carter, Clinton, and Obama.  When you see frothing lunatics like Obama yelling God Damn America it is because all other Democrats do the same thing.


All Democrats sell out their people.  That is all they ever do.

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OH NO Rocmike aka American Patriot is starting today's posting marathon at 9.00 am est the earliest starting time so far. If it follows its normal pattern we are in for over 20 hours of this idiot repeating the same crap over and over alias after alias and going to old questions and answers. Rocmike aka American Patriot it is Labor Day give us a break. This means nothing to you because you never had a job. YOU ARE STARING OFF WITH RENNER AND ANONYMOUS, ANONYMOUS COWARD, ENGINEER, DAVE PALMER, MIKE WEAVER WITH MANY MORE TO FOLLOW.It is now 6.30 am est. Rocmike aka American Patriot has 21 hours of blogging in and still posting.

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