Do Republicans know how lame they sound with this Fast & Furious political witchhunt against Holder?

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Not as lame as your posts. Let me guess, 76 and living in an old folks home.

History will record three presidents as the worst in American history: Andrew Johnson (impeached in office).  Bill Clinton (impeached in office).  Barrack Obama (destroyed the office -- and the nation).

Leftists have always been self-seeking money grubbing and corrupt.  They were in their heyday when they organized the Russian Mafia. 

History will record that Obama is every bit as corrupt and disloyal as Slobodan Milosevic. 

If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.

Apparently, Attorney General Eric Holder blew it -- severely.  He should have known better than to trust BHO. 

Now that BHO has blown it, he has thrown away Eric Holder, trying to cover up for his humiliating bad performance in operation "Fast and Furious," a leftover from the Clinton Disaster.

Clinton originated F&F to try and track down the ring leaders of the weapons trafficking rings operating in America only to find that they are so numerous and so elusive that no law enforcement agency can prosecute them.  That is exclusivey a Democrat gladhanding failure.

Bush attempted to override Clinton's approval of this very poorly construed bill only to find that Democrats hate Republicans to the point of cultish disloyalty against America and will obstruct justice because of their intense bitterness even though it means decades in prison for Obstruction of Justice.  Such is the disloyalty of Democrats.

Numerous American Citizens have been slain with wespons Clinton had sold by undercover agents, contrary to law and common sense.

Now, our Denmocrats are in a terrible panic trying to blame Clinton's illegal action against the Republicans although the Democrtats are exclusively responsible for all the death and carnage that occurred.

I suppose thnat only shows how little regard Democrats have for the life and limb of American citizens.  Of course, Lyndon Johnson is responsible for the escalations of the Vietnam War so that makes all Democrats equally irresponsible and bloodthirsty.

What a pity that Democrats have never improved in any regard.  That shows their cowardice and hypocrisy in the nastiest of bloody terms.

I have posted my opinion on AOL Answers as a public service. These opinions are not intended as legal guidance nor do they create a counsel-client relationship. I recommend that you also consult counsel where you have an actionable case or so have reason to believe. E. Carter, Esq.

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