Obatso and his bunch made a good job of hiding Obatso's actual Kenyan birth certificate.  Course, that ain't going away, but since all the Dems can understand is bitterness and anger then that shows how stupid they all went, supporting Obatty.

I never stood with racists so that is why I didn't stand with Obatty and that racist bunch. 

Dems have a lot of gall calling loyal Americans evil cause we don't support a racist Muslim bigot liar import from Kenya, just cause he woshhips Jeremiah Wright and screams God Damn America all the time.

That is why Obatso worshipers are always pasty eyed with hate.  That is why they are so surly and that is why can't no body trust any of 'em.

Remember Operation Fast and Furious and how Obatso pitched Eric Holder on the fire to save his own political hide?

Talk about a disloyal sellout!

Tadpole was nasty before but she's getting nastier with worse porn as she goes crazier. I know leftists are bitter and stupid but that's more than decent people are gonna put up with.
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Rocmike another sad lonely day and night in your life. Same routine every day. So far I have seen 2 hours of posting under your alias Dave Palmer, 5 hours of posting under Bill, 5 hours of posting under Harley spirit with some anonymous posts thrown in.. All repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers. Get some sleep so you can spend another day and night doing it all over again. Did you choose your aliases yet? GET A LIFE.

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