Republicans to cut cancer screenings for women and ...

Republicans to cut cancer screenings for women and immunizations for children! Godless and conscienceless!

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Yeh right and they will take away every program that assists the poor along with killing off all the old, infirm and mentally challanged...........................Oh wait a minute thats already going to be covered with Obamacare.

Lady Darko

The lines are drawn in the sand, the American people are alive and awake, well most anyway. Kick it and call names, Let the Freedom Ring

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Democrats = liars. Only way they get their way Lie about Republicans. Make a stink over anything. Hot tempered D. Can't control their passions. D's always negative. Consumed w/ hate. Repubs all stand loyal. They work for the PEOPLE. Dems sell out to speciaal interests. Al Qaeda, Acorn, HAMAS.

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It could be a cyst, especially if it's movable. It could also be a lymph node. I'd get her to the doctor ASAP. If it's nothing, you both can stop worrying and if it's something, she can get treated right away.

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Hi Marlee: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Remove or delete AOL Usernames

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Noone has answered. This stock is mentioned, but the name not given unless you subscribe to that person's stock service, and I am broke! NO , noone has replied