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How to report a corrupt judge?

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You cannot report a corrupt judge as they are members of the corrupt local state and american bar associations. The police/attorneys/courts/judge are just a revenue stream. You as a common citizen have no chance in the corrupt system. You report a corrupt judge to his friends who are judges. This is like the fox guarding the hen house! If its like my case, if you try to buck the corrupt system, they bring governmnet sponsored attorney after governmnet sponsored attorney (I've faced 7 attorneys at on etime and 17 attorneys in all so far. On the other hand they can get the police to assault you home (to try and shoot you)like they have done to me twice with no warrant, and in one case no police report, the other case after a year and a half in court ($10,000) case was dismissed.

Google Judge Frank Cuthbertson to see a judge who is a convicted criminal with an arrest warrant out for him and was arrested/convicted while a member and in the company of Communist party members. (see red Storm Rising In the Carolinas.)

William D. Webster


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