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This User Guide will take you to the applications of theory of Sivashanmugam, and will help you to better enjoy it in your day to day life.

In Information Collection
We search books and internet to collect information. About anything, no single book gives all the information. To collect all the available information about anything, we should know: what are the information which we have to collect about it? In this regard, the theory of Sivashanmugam acts as ‘knowledge Based Information Collection System (KBICS).’ About anything, we have to collect information on: 1. its parts, 2. it uniqueness, 3. its connections, 4. its sensitivities, 5. its forms, 6. its substitutes, and 7. its uses.

In our search for information, we would get information on all the seven aspects only for very few things. For many things, we won’t get information on all the seven aspects. We can list those things about which we do not have information on all the seven aspects and identify them as things which need further research.

For Instantaneous Speech Power
Many of us fail to recollect and organize information when called for an instantaneous speech. In this connection, the theory of Sivashanmugam shall help us to recollect and organize the speech on anything.

In Teaching
Many teachers randomly deliver information to students. Few teachers systematically instruct & guide students to collect information. The theory of Sivashanmugam teach students in information collection by systematically instructing: what are the information which we have to collect about anything? Repeating a set of instructions is not same as repeating a set of same information.

Many students often feel uneasy with the volumes and volumes of voluminous books. Only very few teachers speak on the possible knowledge about anything and help students to anticipate those which is written books.

In making a distinction between knowledge and opinion
Our opinions contract with each other. But, nothing contradicts our true knowledge, as evidenced by the theory of Sivashanmugam.

In developing a Simple Unified Instructional System (SUIS)
Teaching is the art of instructing students, not dumping information on student minds. The theory of Sivashanmugam forms the basis for developing a simple unified instructional system which would help students how to study anything and everything. No instructional system can be developed without knowing the possible knowledge about anything.

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'Sivashanmugam' Never heard that word before but kind of struck me as a word derived from the word 'shamanism' but then I never knew what that word ment either so I looked it up.

In the way you describe 'Sivashanmugam' does sound some what simular in the way Wikapedia describes shamanism.


I don't know is my best answer most the time but know a little more than I did.

Shiva.....what?  Sounds like nonsense.
Poppycock or maybe happenstance.
I suggest that you go back to school.
That way we won't say, "You fool."

"Politics makes strange bedfellows," George Washington. "So does the worst brothel in Philadelphia," Benjamin Franklin. "I'd rather have a government that is a Republican Lady, rather than a Democrat whore," Douglas Mac Arthur.

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