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In my country (the U.S.) you can rent a truck from the U-Haul company.  They have all sizes of trucks, and you can drop the truck off in another city, or use it for a round trip.

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I just bought a 38ft cameo and am also trying to find answers to your question.  I wll let you know any info that I come across.

First search in you country for rent the truck i think this facility is available in all city in all country. Do you do it before.


Inquire at your nearest truck rental or moving truck rental services.


The online marketplace has a lot of moving truck rental offers. The process of getting your best truck rental service is confusing, cumbersome, and often overwhelming for many. TruckRental.net will facilitate the process of finding cheap moving van rental offers. Get benefits from these: Moving Trucks Online Packing & Loading Renting a Trailer Moving Vans & Movers Self Service Moving Business Leasing Moving Equipment

Most rental trucks are capable of pulling a 5th wheel. You will want to ask your <a href="http://www.checkermovers.ca/en/">movers</a> company before hand, but must allow it.

My husband and I are moving out of state and we are wondering how beneficial it would be to rent a <a href="http://www.moving.ca/ottawa.htm">moving truck</a> to haul all of our stuff from our current apartment to the new one. We originally thought that between my husbands truck and my car we could box up our stuff, and haul it out there in maybe two trips, three tops. But after cleaning, sorting and packing, we seem to have a lot more stuff than I thought we did. And instead of going back and forth with everything, we're thinking about just renting a <a href="http://www.moving.ca/ottawa.htm">moving truck</a> and doing it all in one trip. Is it cheaper to rent a moving truck? Is it more gas efficient? 

That's a tough one. I only knew of one company where I lived that could do it, but then again it was some movers in Niagara Falls. So if they can do it in Niagara, then they can probably do it elsewhere also. Thanks. http://www.birdsmoving.com

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