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What is prescribed for :- 1) Skin diseases like psoaris 2) Swine Flu prevention / cure 3) Stress/ depression 4) Candida Fungal infection

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I'm sorry. I don't understand your question. Can you rephrase it?

Nina, for every single disease/condition you have listed, most doctors will prescribe A. A psychotropic drug which you will be unable to stop using lest you have a heart attack or an anurism. B. Another pill and a pamphlet that will teach you how to "live with' deadly diseases/conditions.

Also for each and every single condition list above, oxygen therapy has been shown to cure.

Last week doctors in Omaha, Nebraska used oxygen therapy to cure a case of Swine Flu in a 7-year-old little girl. Even after that, if you ask your doctor tomorrow he will tell you that oxygen therapy does not help.

At some point we have to become responsible for our own health and stop depending on doctors who get paid big paychecks from the pharmaceutical companies for making pill junkies out of all of us.

I say try Oxygen Therapy . There is a special section for Candida infections. I have been on oxygen therapy for the past year and I have never been in better health in my life. I sleep well and I no longer have outbreaks and the skin rashes I used to put up with.


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