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Removing mold from concrete patio

How do I clean mold off of my concrete patio around my pool area?  I have tried diulted bleach, straight bleach out of the bottle with a brush and power washer and I still can't get the stains off.

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Try tea tree oil; it not only helps remove, but prevent the mold.

This is not my area of expertise; however, I was able to locate this item:


Kevin Bristol, President of Advance Mold Remediation states, "concrete needs to be scrubbed down" in a process "called wire brushing, where you apply a chemical biocide to the actual concrete and you scrub it until the mold is gone". In some cases you can remove and clean up the mold on your own. If the area is larger than 10 or 12 feet you should call a mold removal specialist. If you, "do try to do it on your own you need to have the right equipment and chemicals. You should also wear a respirator, not just a paper face mask and make sure the area is properly ventilated so that the odor will dissipate" states Bristol. When mold is embedded in concrete, using a biocide is the only cleaner that will work permanently and usually this kind of chemical is not available to the general public. If the area is small and you would like to try to clean it yourself, use a wire brush and scrub it with ammonia. You can use a solution of bleach and water, but never mix bleach and ammonia together as this will let off poisonous fumes that can be very harmful.

*~ Good luck ~*

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It may also be the stain that is left behind. You can try bleech & add laundry detergent or dawn dish soap to help remove the stains left once the mold has been killed.

There are also so many user friendly biodegradable solutions on the market now and can be purchased at home improvement centers or hardware stores as well as online. Speak to a pool company in your area that will know more about your conditions pertaining to mold growth.

I am certified mold inspector & remediation. I have been in residential construction for over 30 years and as long as there have been homes there has been mold. Just over the past decade has there been such a scare about mold as well as some are indeed sensitive to mold. And is why I had to go ahead and get certified to quote unquote, now be able to deal with it. Again some people are indeed highly sensitive to some molds, but there has been in my opinion been more hype added to it than is. Some of the most deadly mold can be found right outside your door in a flower bed, garden or if you have woods close to your home. Always do take care when using bleech because of the fumes, but as with any product always make sure to read & understand the directions.

Mold is typically easy to remove from concrete. I typically pour about a cup of bleech as well as some Dawn or Palmolive detergent into a buck and add about a 1/2 gallon of water. Take a stiff brissel brush & spread out on area with the mold to wet the entire area first with the solution, then start over lightly scrubbing this time, let set for about 10 to 15 minutes depending on temps, (best always done in the shade or just after sun goes down), then rince as needed. If any plants or shrubbery is near the run off area, water them down well first then rince and rince the plant or shubs one final time. If it need a 2nd scrubbing, do this the next day or evening. Once you reach the desired results, follow up on the rest of your patio with a bit milder solution to complete you patio cleaning.

A lot depends on time it has been in between cleaning as to how much has actually built up and or has penetrated into the concrete. Seasonal cleaning make this job so easy.

Good luck and again, for more user friendly solutions check with you local Lowe's, Home depot, & or hardware stores.

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hi are you sure it is mold, if i understand correctly it is the patio around your pool that your are mentioning ., if so the clorine water from the pool should prevent this from happening , clorine is bleach just much ,much stonger. hope to help

I have always had the same problem with mold and mildew.  I tried this product called CreteClean MAX that I found online at autosport.com.  It was really easy to use, environmentally friendly, and didn't require a bunch of tools or making mixtures.  So I decided to give it a try and it completely cleaned the concrete even in areas that didn't have mold.  I've never heard of this product before or seen it in stores, so I don't know if it is new or what, but this was by far the best concrete cleaner I've used......and I have tried all the ones on the shelf at our Home Depot and Lowes over the years.  Try creteclean max (I think that's how it's spelled) from autosport.com.  I haven't seen it anywhere else but that's your answer from my personal experience. 

This article is so great. My family and I live in Washington and with the constant rain we have a really big problem with mold growing in the cracks in our <a href="http://allsafeconstruction.net">concrete</a> . Is there a way to prevent mold from growing in the cracks in the <a href="http://allsafeconstruction.net">concrete</a> ? Is there some kind of water proof solution that we can put in the cracks so that it doesn't get washed away when it rains?

Thanks so much for the post. Bleach is the only thing I can recommend for getting mold out of <a href="http://www.millercrete.com">concrete</a>, but I agree with John. If it is near your pool, and the pool is used regularly, then the chlorine should prevent any mold growth.

Great question. I worked on pools and dealt with concrete patios in Lascassas for about 9 years and had to do this often. The most effective solution is a pressure washer. But be sure to have it toned down a bit, usually the concrete they use around pools are a lot finer and more delicate. Hope this helps. Thanks. http://creativeconcretetn.com

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