Removing bad odor from flip-flops

How can I remove bad odor from rubber flip-flops ?

Tried everything I can think of but the "scent" still sticks.

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That depends on the source of the odor.  Most odor molecules will decompose in the presence of a strong oxidizer.  So soaking your flip-flops in mild bleach solution (say, 2 tablespoons bleach in a half-gallon of warm water overnight, maybe along with a teaspoon of laundry detergent) should be enough to decompose most odor molecules.  Be aware that colored molecules are often sensitive to such oxidation, which is why bleach is used for removing stains.  So your flip-flops could (probably will) end up faded after bleach treatment.

But if the odor results from the gradual decomposition of the rubber or plastic that the flip-flops are made of, then this layer of decomposition products (and their odor) will return.  Also, it may be that some chemicals used in making the rubber or plastic are slowly leaching out of the material, making it impossible to permanently deodorize them.

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Try soaking them in vinegar. Believe it or not, this works wonders to get rid of the smell.



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