How to remove a CD from a car stereo

We own a 2004 Honda Civic with the stock radio.  Recently, one of our CDs became stuck in the player.  The CD will not eject and it will not play.  We can hear a humming noise coming from it all the time.  We would like to try to remove the CD but it's very difficult to get at because the opening is so small.  How can we remove the CD from our stereo?

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Which model is the radio?

Not familiar with your car, but on older CD units their was a small hole near the CD location and by using straigthen out paper clip or something similar you poke it in and it causes the CD to come out manually,  also suggest you call a Honda Dealer Service desk for help.


good luck 

If u don't have a reject hole like Dkoug recommended u might try and disconnect the ground cable from the battery and wait 15 seconds and connect back. Then try again to use the CD's eject button. Make sure U have removed the keys from the ignition before removing batt. cable. You may have to try several times. This works sometimes. Good luck. 


Unfortunately, our model does not have anything like what you describe.  I would try calling the Honda Dealer Service, but when I spoke to the people at the dealership the last time, they recommended going to a private car audio company to see about repairs since they didn't handle any audio stuff. 

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I'm not sure I'm brave enough to start disconnecting and reconnecting cables from my car battery.  I'll see how my husband feels about this possibility though and let you know if it works or not.

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Thank you so much - you saved us money and time!!!!


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