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I have got AutoIT virus on my system. I cannot shutdown my PC bcoz of this. An exe, AutoITV3.exe executes everytime I shutdown. My TaskManager is disabled. I have loaded Win XP. Also I have Symantec ...

What is autoit?

Autoit is a Win Worm 32


It Contains 1 Folder 2 Files

It'll store in your System Folder and

The Path is Like this in your External Drives ...

CONTROL\ Autorun.exe
CONTROL\ Desktop.inf

When Ever you click on that Folder .. you 'll get Control Panel Window

1). Open Command Prompt

RUN > cmd > Enter

2). Change Command Prompt to your External Drive

C:\ X: [X: is your Ext.Drive Letter]

3). Type This Command from X:\ Path

Attrib /s -s -h -r *.* (PRESS Enter)

Now you 'll See The Folder Control in your Drive

Delete All Files From CONTROL Folder


X:\Del /f *.*

Now Remove CONTROL Folder From Windows.........

Now Restart your computer and you are done.

For more manual methods to remove Autoit virus visit www.virushunt.com

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Jovison Santos

One of our unit infected with this virus. I follow the above instructions how to remove.. but still won't work with this os xp sp3.  The task manager is disabled also. I can't find that directory "CONTROL" folder after i used the attribute command. any other idea how to remove this virus? (Of course aside from formatting..)


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