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I have a paid AOL account which I've been using since 1997, however, AOL's software is not compatible with my current computer so I've been using webmail to access my email. I can't find my address book...I read one of the questions and the person told him to check next to the clock...I can't find a clock on my email screen. My 1st question is:

Where the heck is my address book? My 2nd question relates to auto adding INCOMING email screen names. How do I turn off the auto add on INCOMING mail? My 3rd question is: Why doesn't AOL automatically delete, or give the option to delete, AOL screen names that are no longer active when sending out email? It's a pain in the neck when sending a multitude of addresses to have to stop at each name...highlight and then delete it prior to the email being sent. Can't AOL just send the mail and come back afterwards, like regular Internet mail does with a mailerdaemon note? Thanks soooo very much for any help you're able to provide. Kind Regards, jb
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I am not sure about incoming email, but I know that there is an outgoing email auto-add feature. To turn this off, you will go to your email. At the top right you will see a link for "settings" click on settings. You will then go to compose on the left hand side of the page. Click on compose. You will then see a box marked auto add outgoing mail (or something similar to that). Uncheck that box and make sure you press the "Save" button at the top of the page. Good Luck!

How do I access my address book?


If you are using AOL webmail, http://webmail.aol.com click on "Contacts" (left hand pane under Trash/Recently Deleted). All your address book contacts will be found there.

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somehow I got  new email address on AOL, but need my old mail from old email address.  Now I'm unable to access old mail....

I want to know the same exact things.  I access aol through Internet Explorer and I can't seem to control my address book easily.  Aol is adding contacts automatically and my address book is too full.  I want it to stop!  Help


I've been there and there is no "auto-outgoing mail" box or anything remotely like that.  How frustrating!


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