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How do you remove someone from a political convention for disorderly conduct using Robert's Rules of Order?

How do you remove someone from a political convention for disorderly conduct using Robert's Rules of Order?

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What exactly are Roberts Rules of Order, and why should anyone care?


One could just simply ask them to leave.

Otherwise, have security escort them out.

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

Educated persons know Roberts Rules of order which govern parliamentary procedure.  If you have a disruptive person, the Sergeant-at-arms will forcibly remove the disruptive person if so required.

Usually censure by the convening authority or speaker is sufficient.

What a pity that our sole resident atheist, Physicalist-Cranky, is ignorant of civilized debate.  Perhaps all that propaganda, brainwashing, and atheist indoctrination have had their anticipated effect.


If you want me to, I'm just proud to drag out Phys and then tie him by the lips to a phone pole outside.

Leftist slackers will always be poor and degenerate. The solution is to get motivated.

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