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How to removal of a corroded kitchen faucett handle set screw.

I have a single handle kitchen sink faucet.  To service it, I have to remove the small set screw from the bottom of the handle.  It became corroded and an allen wrench did not get it out.  I tried liquid wrench and a screw extractor.  I tried drilling it out.  The set screw is still there.

Any suggestions short of a fire axe to get the set screw out?

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Heat it with a propane torch and try the screw extractor again while it is still hot.

Get a metal drilling bit and drill the whole thing out.  This will of course ruin the threading and you will have to retap the hole for a new set screw.

Replace the whole faucet.  Cheap ones are on sale at ACO for $17 with a sprayer for a kitchen sink.  It is what I would do, and I am a cheap DIY kind of guy if the other things failed, or there was a lot of corrosion so that I could expect future failures.  Since you are taking off the handle, something is already wrong.  Is it really worth fixing a corroded faucet, or is rreplacing it the best way to go?  It is your call.

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