That's about it, with these protestants its like going back a 100 years when women weren't even allowed to go to school.


The Presidents first priority when he took office was to make education a lot more affordable. Education is the answer it always has been. Not only that but thats where all the fish in the ocean are - In a school.


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Melvin Whitcombe

Is there one truthful word emanating from Physicalist (Edicous)?  If so, which of his 200 screen names said it, and why did he speak so far out of character?

Tweekey Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

obama made it impossible for me to continue my education
i would like to finish my degree in fine art
i was a year from my ba when obama was elected
then my scholarship ended and i went out posing
they tell me is i were black i would still have the scholarship
now that i have become a professional artist and model it is gone
everyone is hurting financially
how am i supposed to pay those huge taxes
i had to drop out of gym and work out at home for lack of dues money
if i lose my figure my days modeling are over
i might as well take that offer from that porn magnate
i'll jump off a cliff before i do that

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike anyone that has received a scholarship knows you story ids full of crap. You continue to embarrass yourself no matter what alias you post under. Anyone with higher than a 3rd grade education knows your story is full of crap. I see your Tweet alias came on right after your Melvin alias stopped posting.


Fish in the sea Melvin. When that Bush was still in office lesbian women that still had their virginity was selling their bodys on Ebay to pay their way through college. You all say I run whore houses I think I would just about have to fire all the prostitutes and keep them full of virgins. I thought 60 bucks was a little steep for a half hour when I went to one once but virgins go for thousands of dollars.


Intresting concept though, when that Bush was in office the Country was being run more like an whore house.


But thats what fish in the sea means Melvin, they go in schools. Theres some women out their that would rather go to school and find another educated woman rather than be stuck with a stupid man.

Melvin Whitcombe

Once again, when did any atheist ever speak the truth?  Since there is absolutely no truth in atheists then there is no reason to take your bitterness seriously.


Perhaps if you learned to think clearly you could rise above atheism and racism.  After all, these two reprobate vices ARE inseparable.


My gran ma's ma grew up in the same village Hitler did. Knowing small towns I'M the seed of Hitler somewhere.



But its Melvin who doesn't beleive in freedom of religion who justifies Hitler.


In germany its the owl that represents the hunter of nazi's. In the US if you look on the upper right hand corner of the dollar bill sits an owl that represents nazism its self.



Anonymous Comment

In the last 26 hour period the rocmike aliases Melvin over 4 hours, Stanley over 6 hours, Paul over 3 hours, bill over 2 hours have been posted and repeating the same crap. Atheist is their favorite word. This is not counting it's posting under anonymous. That's over 15 hours of posting. What a sad lonely person.

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