Protestants believe that aids is a gift from their god. By all means, go to the house of prostitution where safe sex is now practiced, rather than getting it off the streets and running the risk of contracting aids.

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Bob Suffolk Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

My, how does that improve the revenues of your atheist brothel, Physicalist-Edicous? 


How many of your girls and boys are of legal age for sexual consent (considering that prostitution is illegal except in Nevada) or did you even bother to check?  Maybe that is why atheists all spend so much time in prison -- as you richly deserve, you worthless child molester.


Atheists are of course the cheapest and most obnoxious of bigots therefore they refer to their girls as "Pig 1, and Pig 2 . . .."


Alas, all atheists are the least educated of worthless hypocrtites therefore we see why everyone calls you as stupid as you are.  What is it like to be as hypocritical as all atheist biogots, losers, and child molesters all are?  After all, only atheists qualify regardless the hystreria of your leftist liberal propaganda that sells illegal drugs, child pornography, and all else that filthy old atheist lechers all celebrate. 


What is it like to be as stupid and worthless as all atheist fools are, you idiot fraud?


What is it like to be hated as much as all atheist hatemongers and liars all are? 


What is it like to be stupid enough to become yet another worthless atheist fool?  After all, atheists are too stupid to get into college because of their venerial diseases.


Is that why atheists are uneducated washouts and only the least respected drunks in the gutter?

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot, your alias Bob Suffolk sounds like the rest of your aliases. May I suggest you take a day of you sad lonely pathetic life of blogging every waking minute and go back and read some of your aliases posts. Even someone as deranged and unstable as you should be able to tell there is no difference in any of them. All repeated the same thing over and over and use the same words. GET A LIFE

Anne Southern Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

I, for one, will have nothing to do with prostitution or atheism.


I could qualify as neither: I am a lady.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike is starting today's posting marathon with its alias Southern. Can't wait to see who follows.

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